Polaris Financial Partners is a process-focused, fee-based financial planning and wealth management practice. Our process is driven by our clients’ goals, objectives and tolerance for investment risk. We offer a comprehensive array of financial services and products ranging the planning spectrum for both individuals and small business owners.

Our practice began in 1983 and our experience has spanned four decades, through varying degrees of highs and lows in the financial and capital markets. We strive to produce consistent and predictable results for our clientele that surpass the market indices. We construct client portfolios using a blend of quantified data measures, such as alpha, beta, and standard deviation, in tandem with subjective analysis based on market history and current market trends. Our partners are dedicated individuals committed to the profession of financial planning and consultation.

“As Bob Deitrick and Steven Morgan of Polaris Financial pointed out in beating every major Wall Street firm over the last 2 years, good forecasting relies on looking carefully at historical outcomes and understanding the context in which the results happened”

– Adam Hartung, 1/15/2014Forbes.com