Our Firm

The advisors of Polaris Financial Partners have been providing financial advice and counsel for individuals and small business owners throughout Ohio and around the country over four decades.

The foundation of our practice is to provide client-oriented, process-focused advice on financial planning and wealth managment. We pride ourselves and are committed to creating and developing lasting, meaningful relationships with our clientele. We assist you in identifing, quantifing and priortizing your financial goals and objectives. Then, through the process of implementation, we assist you in developing a sound strategy to help ensure that your dreams come true.

One of the many benefits of working with Our firm is our unique ability to educate the client so that you understand our process, products and services. We believe that education is a critical part of our role as financial and investment professionals. Financial literacy and education empowers and enables our clients to make the best most well-thought out decision for their financial future. The financial security that results through our process allows our clients the freedom to live their lives to their fullest and to provide a meaningful legacy to their families.

At Polaris Financial Partners, our thoughtful approach and committment to serving our client, first and always, frees our clients to pursue their goals, dreams and visions of the future. We look forward to having the opportunity of showing you how our process and passion for our profession can impact your bottom line.


Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to create a meaningful and enriching experience for our client during each phase of the financial planning process - with our ultimate objective being to improve the quality of life for our client so that his or her goals, objectives and visions of the future may indeed come true.

Our Approach


We believe that by placing our client’s goals and dreams first and foremost, at all times, everything falls into place.

As Advisors We Strive To Accomplish The Following Objectives For Our Clients:

  • To clearly understand the client’s goals and family situation when providing investment advice and counsel

  • To help create a formal financial plan for the client and their family

  • To proactively contact the client when upcoming tax and other changes could impact their investment portfolio

  • To clearly reveal our fee/commission structure

  • To bring in appropriate experts to help with important financial decisions

  • To work cooperatively with the client’s current advisors at all levels

  • To help select the best asset mix for the client’s investment portfolio

  • To help coordinate and organize all financial documents

  • To provide a coordinated and integrated and well-thought out process for investment decision making

  • To review the client’s portfolio quarterly and periodically review their overall financial and estate plan